DealFX DealFX was born from the vision
that FX trades should be even easier.


More than 170 instruments

0.0pips~The narrowest spread
in the industry


400 timesHigh leverage

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All DealFX's services and products for traders are of high quality. HIGHEST GRADE SERVICE

DealFX delivers an optimal trading experience.

  • The industry's best spread level, starting from 0.0 pips, and up to ×400 leverage.
  • Acheiving a success rate of 99.82% through hybrid ordering combining two contractual methods.
  • Full linkage with your wallet enables stress-free deposits and withdrawals, with no time lag.
  • Securing deposited funds using escrow and blockchain technologies.
  • The automated facial recognition system greatly reduces the time and effort needed to open an account.
DealFX delivers an optimal trading experience.

Transaction conditions

As high as ×400High leverage


DealFX considers the ability to trade large amounts of FX with small amounts of capital, through high-leverage investment to be the greatest appeal of FX trading, and therefore offers the highest leverage level possible to provide such services.

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More than 170 instrumentsIt offers the highest numbers of instruments in the industry

Instruments we handle

By partnering with numerous liquidity providers, DealFX has succeeded in providing more than 170 instruments, including not only currency pairs but also metals, energy, cryptocurrency, indices, and stocks.

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0.0pipsThe tightest spread levels(*1)


By partnering with numerous liquidity providers and utilizing optimal aggregators, DealFX provides customers with the most beneficial spreads.

Minimum values of USD/JPY and EUR/USD currency pairs measured between the commencement of European trading hours and the start of trading in the U.S. Variable spreads apply to all account types (Standard accounts, Active accounts, P2P accounts).

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Quick account opening

  • Verification of email addressThe email address registered with DealFX will be confirmed.
  • Filling out the account opening formConfirm the rules and regulations, enter registration information, and select the live account type to open.
  • Verification of documentsVerification will be conducted using your ID document, ID selfie, and documents of current address.
  • Opening a bitwallet wallet accountUse the Simplified Wallet Registration feature to open a bitwallet wallet account.

Confirmation of identity is automated using the automatic verification tool which has the highest recognition rate.

bitwallet users can use the login feature (account verification) to expedite the account opening procedures.
Customers may use a simplified account opening process to begin FX trading right away.

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MetaTrader4 logo

The ultimate platform with a wealth of traders’ knowledge and wisdom

MetaTrader 4 is a standard trading tool that has earned the world's largest user base, as a platform that integrates a wealth of traders’ knowledge.

Integration of the stability of MetaTrader 4 with the advanced infrastructure of DealFX helps traders trade in comfort, free from stress.

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MetaTrader5 logo

The latest platform implemented with new features and a wealth of chart functions

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a high-performance trading platform based on MetaQuotes's years of experience.

With a massive increase in the number of available time axis, in combination with numerous MT5-compatible applications, MT5 offers a revolutionary trading experience by simplifying traders' management of potential risks.

MetaTrader5 image
Dealing Station logo

A wealth of features accessible with intuitive operation

Created based on a brand-new architecture, Dealing Station is a next-generation trading application compatible with multiple OSs.

By employing a web-based interface that requires no installation of any software, bringing together a wide range of tasks that traders can use with ease.

Dealing Station image
Client Manager logo

Strategic management tool that visualizes funds management and investment results

Client Manager is a visual tool for managing everything from funds, including deposits and withdrawals, to trading revenues and expenditures.

It helps traders increase opportunities for profits by qualifying all positions and using AI to forecast market volatility.

Client Manager image

Seamless deposits & secure withdrawals

Seamless deposits and withdrawals with no time lag, by connecting the Client Manager with your bitwallet account. You can open an account
quickly and easily
using Wallet Registration.
There are no commissions
on transfers of funds between
your wallet and DealFX.

Seamless deposits and withdrawals with no time lag, by connecting the Client Manager with your bitwallet account.
Your bitwallet balance is displayed in real time, to facilitate smooth depositing to your DealFX account and withdrawal to your bitwallet account


bitwallet is an online wallet offering a wide range of means of transferring funds, which accepts various credit and debit cards and local bank transfers (inbound remittance) by banks around the world. In addition, the ability to make deposits directly to your wallet in your desired currency, by any deposit method, eliminates unnecessary foreign-exchange losses.
For deposits made by credit card, client information is protected at a high security level that is fully compliant with the PCI-DSS (*1) international card information security standard.

PCI DSS is an international standard on credit card information security, which was jointly established by five international credit card brands.

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The best trading environment

We realize a highly convenient trading environment by fusing a highly agile ordering infrastructure and a highly scalable system infrastructure.

DealFX has developed a proprietary hybrid execution ordering method that combines the advantages of STP and B-Book, to enable an environment for swift, accurate conclusion of orders from clients.

In addition, direct connection between the wide-area AWS (EC2) and the Equinix data center realizes speedy ordering with no latency.

Developing a large, highly scalable system structureSystem Infrastructure

System Infrastructure

Trading servers are installed in Equinix colocation centers in three countries around the world.

It has a size and security rivaling the infrastructure of all securities exchanges in a single U.S. state.

24-hour trading, feed management, and triple redundant countermeasures.

DealFX uses the highest-level system and infrastructure imaginable for an FX broker.

Order Execution SpeedFast & reliable execution

Securing the ultimate stress-free contracting abilities, with liquidity from multiple liquidity providers (LPs).

Fast & reliable execution

To deliver to our customers an optimal, stress-free trading environment, DealFX continues daily to optimize its infrastructure and secure liquidity. The average of 0.021 trades executed/second(*1) is an indicator of DealFX's evolution. DealFX will continue to provide an even more convenient trading environment(*2).

(*1)It is a measurement of the average time until execution of 100 orders for transactions in 100,000 currency units (10 lots) in the Standard and Active accounts between the beginning of the European trading hours and the start of trading in the U.S., using MetaTrader 4 as the trading platform.
(*2)The speed of order execution is an estimate made by DealFX and is subject to change with traffic, volume, and liquidity at the time an order is placed.

Maintain an average execution rate of 99.82-92%.
Disclosing the slippage rate and average speed of execution.

Success rate

To ensure that customers are able to conduct stable transactions, DealFX discloses, each month on on its website, the slippage rate (a statistic indicating slippage in limit price orders), quote rate (the percentage of orders successfully concluded), and average conclusion time of executed orders.

Funds guaranteed through escrow systemEscrow Trust


Funds guaranteed through
escrow system
Offers trust maintenance
using blockchain technology


DealFX delivers to clients the most easily understandable, highly transparent means of preserving funds.

Through the provision of highly effective, transparent trust maintenance methods, DealFX does not use trust maintenance services of financial institutions such as banks or trust agencies. When a customer deposits their fund with DealFX, the funds are temporarily held by an escrow agent. DealFX does not receive any amount of the deposit from the customer until the customer returns the deposited funds to their own bitwallet account or until a trading loss has been finalized.

For this reason, even in the event of bankruptcy or other unforeseen incidents affecting DealFX, in which the client is unable to receive refund of his or her funds, he or she may receive payment, up to the amount deposited, from the escrow agent.

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Account types

Standard (STP) account

A Standard account is an account type
with tight spreads and no trading commissions.

A DealFX Standard (STP) account is a general-purpose type of account used by the majority number of clients. Thanks to its tight spread and commission free trading, it is used by a wide range of customers, from beginners to experienced traders.

In the case of the DealFX Standard account, all orders made through the STP market execution method are received once by our dealing desk. For this reason, there is almost no risk of rejection of a execution or slippage.

Active (NDD) account

Accurately reflecting market prices and with a high degree of fairness through keeping spreads low, this type of account is popular among professional traders.

A DealFX active (NDD) account is an account type that is popular among professional traders, including day traders and commercial traders. We are able to trade at very low spreads thanks to the collection of commissions per transaction.

In the case of the DealFX Active account, all orders are covered through the STP market execution method with our liquidity providers or a dark pool consisting of our own proprietary network. Cover orders secure a high degree of fairness, free from conflicts of interest with customers.

Standard (STP) account
CommissionsUSD 0
  • For General Traders
  • We receive all orders and then execute cover orders with LPs
  • No per-transaction commissions
  • Spreads on major instruments1.5 ~ 2.5 pips
  • Maximum leverage×400
  • CommissionsNone
  • Minimum initial depositUSD 100.00 (equivalent)
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Active (NDD) account
CommissionsUSD 4
  • For professional trader use
  • Execution of orders is determined based on market and dark pool liquidity
  • Commission per transaction USD 4.00
  • Spreads on major instruments0.0 ~ 0.8 pips
  • Maximum leverage×400
  • CommissionsNone
  • Minimum initial depositUSD 100.00 (equivalent)
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